The quality of the oil depends on many factors such as the variety of the olive, the state of maturity, the obtaining method, etc.

The classification is established by laboratory analysis and sensory tastings.

Extra virgin olive oil

The acidity of this oil must not be greater than 0.8° and it does not present defects. It is extracted by mechanical processes. The olive must be in perfect condition and must be ground the same day of collection. As a result, a juice without defect is obtained, with genuine flavor and aroma and fresh fruit tones.

Virgin olive oil

It is a type of oil with some small tasting defect and whose acidity level does not exceed 2°. It is extracted directly from an olive that has lost quality and is not in the best conditions or due to a failure in the elaboration process.

Lampante olive oil

The elaboration process is the same as in the previous two cases but damaged olives are used or some anomaly occurs in the elaboration. The organoleptic qualities are deficient and it has an acidity which exceeds 2°. To be suitable for human consumption, it must be previously refined through physical and chemical procedures.

Refined Olive Oil

Lampante olive oil undergoes a refining process through chemical and physical procedures. In this way, unwanted components are removed. As a result, oil without flavor, smell or color called refined olive oil is obtained.

Olive oil

It is the mixture of refined olive oil and a low percentage of virgin olive oil. Within this category, there are two types of oil: 0.4° acidity olive oil, with mild flavor, and 1° olive oil. The difference between both lies in the fact that 0.4° olive oil contains a lower percentage of virgin olive oil than the 1° olive oil

Olive pomace oil

The pomace is the residue of the ground and pressed olive. To extract the oil which it contains, a range of chemical solvents must be applied. The resulting oil is not suitable for human consumption, therefore it must be refined and mixed with virgin olive oil. Despite coming from the olive and containing olive oil, it is not usually considered as a derivative of the olive because it is not very natural.