The avocado is an edible fruit originally from America and it is family of the laurel plant.

It is a berry containing a single seed and presents the shape of a pear. The form depends on the variety. The outer skin can be smooth or rough.

lesh is usually yellow or light green with a sweet taste and its texture is buttery.

Types of avocado trees:

  • Mexican (small but with large seed).
  • Guatemalan (small seed and thick and wrinkled skin).
  • Antilles (soft and thin skin and yellowish flesh).

Its flesh is high in fat but its consumption does not increase body weight. Due to its properties it is good to reduce blood cholesterol.

It is easily digested and due to its buttery texture it helps to digestion easily.

Its oil can last around 10 years packed without spoiling.

The avocado bone is often used as food given its high fiber and amino acid content.