Aperoliva is a company specialized in th Import and Export of olive and avocado oil in bul of the best quality.Our work begins with the selection of the best fruits to ensure that our oils meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, we select our suppliers from among the best oil producers in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy and we make sure that the elaboration of the oils is carried out following the production protocols.

Aperoliva’s team consists of professionals with proven knowledge in the interpretation and analysis of the physicochemical parameters of purity and organoleptic parameters of the oil and is trained to offer the best service to our customers.

Currently, we export our oils in bulk to companies throughout Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Russia and the United Arab Emirate.

As for what identifies us, we like to define ourselves as a quality company: quality in the selection of suppliers, quality in the product and quality in the service we offer.

Aperoliva. Aceite de oliva a granel.