The avocados used to produce oil are always of the highest quality and taken at the optimal point of ripeness to obtain oil of excellent quality.

Pear shape fruit with characteristic neck, although it can vary from elongated, with a long and narrow neck, to round, with a wide and short neck. Its skin is thin, green, moderately bright, with a flexible texture and a slightly grainy surface. Medium to large size (170-500 gr.). The seed is medium size with flesh ratio of 75-77%. The flesh is of excellent quality, tasty and leaves a pleasant nutty taste.

Pear shape fruit with a very long neck in temperate climates. The skin is medium thick, similar to Hass, of a dark green color, with protruding granules and easy to peel. Medium size (230-425 gr.). The seed is relatively small with flesh ratio of 82%. Its flesh has a good quality with a nutty taste.

It is characterized by its appetizing taste. It has a high content of oleic acid, proportionally higher than in other varieties between 24-26%. In addition, it has a lower amount of fat than other avocados.

Round fruit with medium to thick skin, green, corky, slightly grainy and easy to peel. Medium to large size (270-680 gr.). The seed is medium to large with a flesh ratio of 71-72%. It has a rich and nutty flavor and the flesh does not blacken after cutting. This variety reaches high productions.

Lamb Hass
Variety recently introduced in Spain. The fruit is very similar to Hass but with wider shoulders and black skin at maturity. Larger than Hass and later collection (May-July). The production of this variety is higher and the tree is more tolerant to winds, high temperatures and persea mite than Hass.

Pear-shaped dark green fruit on the tree that turns purple to black when ripe. The skin is medium to thick, with a rough texture. Small to medium size (140-400 gr.). The seed is medium size with 6670% flesh. Excellent quality flesh with a rich, nutty flavor. It is the most important variety worldwide.